Yongho Choa
55 Hanyang daehak-ro, Sangnok-gu, Ansan Kyeonggi-do, 426-791, Korea


  • Professor, Dept. of Materials Science & Chemical Engineering, Hanyang University.
  • Dean of College of Engineering Sciences (工學大學 學長)
  • Member, The National Academy of Engineering of Korea (NAEK, 韓國工學翰林院)
  • Vice President of Korean Powder Metallurgy Institute
  • Dean, Office University Research, Hanyang Univ. ERICA(前)
  • Director of ERICA Industry-University Cooperation Foundation (前)
  • Director of Nanosensor Research Center at Hanyang University(前)
  • Committee Member of Materials Research Society of Korea
  • Committee Member of Korean Ceramic Society
  • Committee Member of Korea Association of Crystal Growth


  • Professor :Hanyang University (Mar. 2009- Present.) Department of Chemical Engineering.
  • Associate Professor :Hanyang University (Mar. 2004- Present.) Department of Chemical Engineering.
  • Assistant Professor : Hanyang University (Mar. 2002- Feb. 2004) Department of New-Materials Process Tech.
  • Assistant Professor : Chonbuk National Univ. (Mar. 2000- Feb. 2002) Department of Materials Science &Engineering.
  • Reserch Assosiate : Osaka Unversity, Japan ( Apr.1996- Feb. 2000) The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research.

Research area

  • Synthesis and Characteristics of Metals and Metal Oxides of Nanowire and Nanotube via a Electro-Spining
  • Synthesis of Metal Nano-Ink for Ink-Jet Print and Formation of fine pattern
  • Synthesis of Vertically Ordered Silicon Nanowire and Application of Solarcell
  • Synthesis and Characteristics of Nanowire using Electrodeposition and Research of Semiconductor Nano Device
  • Application of New Contact Sensor
  • Synthesis of Magnetic Nano Powder and Nanowire
  • Application of Hyperthermia using Superparamagnetic Nano Composite Powder
  • Application of Thermoelectrice Device using Chalcogenide Materials
  • Fabrication of Ultra-Functional Nano-Composite using Percolation Theory
  • Fabrication of High-Efficiency Quantum Dots
  • Synthesis and Characteristics of Metal Nanoparticles via a Electrolysis


  • Ph.D. in Process Eng., Osaka Univ. (Apr. 1993 - Mar. 1996) "Strengthening and Toughening Mechanisms for MgO and Related Nanocomposites."Advisor : K. Niihara
  • M.S. in Process Eng., Osaka Univ. (Apr. 1991 - Mar. 1993) "Fabrication Process of MgO/SiC Nanocomposite."Advisor : K. Niihara
  • B.S. in Inorganic Materials Eng., Hanyang Univ. (Mar. 1985 - Feb. 1989)

Invited lecture

  • The Ceramic Society of Japan
  • KIMM
  • Seoul National University
  • International Conf. of Composite Materials.(ICCM, Japan)
  • Gyeonggi Techno Park
  • Samsung Corning
  • KIST
  • Ulsan University, RRC.,
  • The Research Institude of Industrial Science(RIST, Pohang)
  • LG Electronics Central Research Institude(Seoul)
  • KIST, Nano research center(Seoul)
  • TMS Anual Meeting (USA)
  • Materials Research Society of Korea
  • ISFM(International Symposium on Functional Materials)

Selected paper

  • Hybridized conducting polymer chemiresistive nano-sensors, nanotoday, 8, 39-55, 2013
  • Estimation of dispersion stability of UV/ozone treated multi-walled carbon nanotubes and their electrical properties, Carbon, 51, 346-354, 2013
  • Adhesion enhancement of ink-jet printed conductive copper patterns on a flexible substrate, J. Mater. Chem., 22, 12517-12522, 2012
  • Synthesis of ultra-long hollow chalcogenide nanofibers, Chem. Commun., 47, 9107-9109, 2011
  • Nanopeapods by Galvanic Displacement Reaction, Angew. Chem., 49, 7081-7085, 2010